Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2014 Synthesis and characterization of pH responsive D-glucosamine based molecular gelatorsBeilstein J. Org. Chem.. 3111-3121.
2013 Design and Synthesis of Chiral Oxathiozinone Scaffolds: Efficient Synthesis of Hindered Enantiopure Sulfinamides and Sulfinyl KetiminesAngew. Chem., Int. Ed.. 6713-6717.
2013 Efficient Asymmetric Synthesis of P-Chiral Phosphine Oxides via Properly Designed and Activated Benzoxazaphosphinine-2-oxide AgentsJ. Am. Chem. Soc.. 2474-2477.
2012 Synthesis of chiral five-, six-, and seven-membered heterocycles from (S)-3-hydroxy-?-butyrolactoneSynthesis. 561-568.
2010 Synthesis and characterization of D-glucosamine-derived low molecular weight gelatorsTetrahedron. 5962-5971.
2009 Aeruginosin analogs and other compounds with rigid bicyclic structure as potential antithrombotic agentsCardiovasc. Hematol. Agents Med. Chem.. 147-165.
2009 Preparation of L-proline based aeruginosin 298-A analogs: Optimization of the P1-moietyBioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.. 3798-3803.
2009 Synthesis and Characterization of Monosaccharide-Derived Carbamates as Low-Molecular-Weight GelatorsLangmuir. 8696-8705.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2013 Amphiphilic and bispolar diacetylene containing glycolipids: Synthesis, self-assembly, and polymerization.  ORGN-779.
2011 Synthesis of novel bicyclic amino acids and aeruginosin analogs.  ORGN-802.
2010 Synthesis of conformationally constrained fused bicyclic amino acids.  SESW-584.
2010 Synthesis of unusual bicyclic amino acid from D-Glucose and its use in the synthesis of natural product analogs.  ORGN-300.
2008 Synthesis of aeruginosin 298-A analogs as thrombin inhibitors.  MEDI-314.
Synthesis and applications of chiral bicyclic amino acids.  SESW-382.
Synthesis and characterization of polymerizable diacetylene containing glycolipids.  SESW-548.
Synthesis and serine protease inhibition activities of Aeruginosin 298-A analogs.  MEDI-448.