Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2016 Becoming More Complete: The Diffusion and Evolution of State-level Complete Streets PoliciesPublic Works Management and Policy. 280-295.
2015 Paying for Infrastructure in an Urban Environment: Exploring the Differing Roles of Ideological Beliefs and Self-Interest in Support for Two Funding MechanismsTransportation Research Record. 1-8.
2015 The Effects of Discussion and Information on Public Support for Tax and Fee Increases for TransportationPublic Works Management and Policy. 146-158.
2015 Two Models of Teacher Accountability: Toward an Explanation for the Disappointing Results of Some Market-based School ReformsAdministration and Society.
2014 For Whom the Tunnel be Tolled: A Four-Factor Model for Explaining Willingness-to-pay TollsTransportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice. 13-21.
2013 Improving Revenue Adequacy by indexing the Gas Tax to Indicators of Need: A Stimulation AnalysisPublic Works Management and Policy. 230-244.
2013 The Crisis in State Highway Finances: Its Roots, Current Effect, and Some Possible RemediesPublic Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management. 502-521.
2011 An Information Model to Present Proposals to Increase Taxes at Public Meetings and Referenda Campaigns: Two Examples in the Context of American ValuesInternational Journal of Public Administration. 180-189.
2011 Paying for Locally-owned Roads: A Crisis in Local Government Highway FinancePublic Works Management and Policy. 250-269.
2010 State Infrastructure Banks and Borrowing Costs for Transportation ProjectsPublic Finance Review. 682-709.
2008 An Empirical Examination of the Statutory Characteristics and Effects of Highway and Transportation Commissions on DOT Capital Management CapacityPublic Works Management & Policy. 533-543.