Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2009 High Resolution Spectroscopy of ?¹?N by ElectroproductionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 202501.
2009 Virtual Compton Scattering and Neutral Pion Electroproduction in the Resonance Region up to the Deep Inelastic Region at Backward AnglesPhysical Review C. 015201.
2007 High resolution spectroscopy of ¹²B Lambda by electroproductionPhysical Review Letters. 052501.
2007 Investigation of Proton-Proton Short-Range Correlations via the 12 C ( e , e ? p p ) ReactionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 072501.
2006 Polarization transfer in the 2 H ( ? e , e ? ? p ) n reaction up to Q 2 = 1.61 ( GeV / c ) 2Phys. Rev. C. 064004.
2001 Search for quadrupole strength in the electroexcitationof the delta(1232)Phys. Rev. Lett.. 2963-2966.
2000 Dynamical relativistic effects in quasielastic 1p shell proton knockout from O-16Phys. Rev. Lett.. 3265-3269.
1999 Measurement of recoil proton polarizations in theelectrodisintegration of deuterium by polarizedelectronsPhys. Lett.. 39-44.
1999 Quasielastic C-12 (e,e-prime p) reaction at highmomentum transferPhys. Rev.. 221-232.
1998 Comparison of polarization observables in electronscattering from the proton and deuteronPhys. Rev. Lett.. 452-455.
1998 Measurement of the Induced Proton Polarization Pn in theC-12 (e, e-prime p –>) ReactionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 456-459.
1994 Electric form factor of the neutron from the 2 H (e?, e ’ n? ) 1 H reaction at Q 2 =0.255 (GeV/c ) 2Phys. Rev.. R1749-R1753.
1993 Measurement of the RLT, RL, and RT response functionsfor the He-4 (e, e’p) H-3 reaction at large missingmomentumPhys. Rev. Lett.. 2868-2871.
1993 Measurement of the magnetic form factor of the neutronPhys. Rev. C. R5-R9.
1988 Magnetic structure of O-17 at high momentumPhys. Rev. Lett.. 1707-1710.
1987 Missing-energy dependence of the separated responsefunctions for the C-12 (e, e’p) reactionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 2259-2262.