Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2009 Multiple Imputation to Correct for Measurement Error in Genetic Structured Association Testing.Human Heredity. 65-72.
2009 The use of plasmodes as a supplement to simulations: A simple example evaluating individual admixture estimation methodologies.Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. 1755-1766.
2008 Commonality of Functional Annotation: A Method for Prioritization of Candidate Genes from Genome Wide Linkage Studies.Nucleic acids research. e26.
2008 Evaluating Linkage Disequilibrium and Recombination Provides a Haplotype-Tagging SNP Panel of the MHC in African-Americans.Genes and Immunity. 271-273.
2008 Review and evaluation of methods correcting for population stratification with a focus on underlying statistical principles.Human Heredity. 67-86.
2008 The HLA-DRB1 Shared Epitope is Associated with Susceptibility to Rheumatoid Arthritis in African-Americans Through European Genetic Admixture.Arthritis and Rheumatism. 349-358.
2007 Correcting for measurement error in individual ancestry estimates in structured association tests.Genetics. 1823-1833.
2007 Problems with Genome Wide Association Studies.Science. 1840-1842.
2006 Regional Admixture Mapping and Structured Association Testing: Conceptual Unification and an Extensible General Linear Model.Plos Genetics. 1254-1264.


Year Title
2007 Overview of Genetic Studies in Polygenic Obesity and Methodological ChallengesObesity: Genomics and Pos genomics. New York, NY: Informa Healthcare.