Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2011 An age-structured model for the spread of epidemic cholera: analysis and simulationNonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications. 3483-3498.
2011 Use of optimal control models to predict treatment time for managing tick-borne diseaseJournal of Biological Dynamics. 517-530.
2010 Modeling optimal intervention strategies for choleraBulletin of Mathematical Biology. 2004-2018.
2009 Optimal control applied to vaccination and treatment strategies for various epidemiological modelsMathematical Biosciences and Engineering. 469-492.


Year Title
2013 Global dynamics emerging from local interactions: agent-based modeling for the life sciencesMathematical concepts and methods in modern biology : using modern discrete models. Academic Press.
2008 Metapopulation models in tick-borne disease transmission modellingModelling parasitic Disease Transmission: Biology to Control. Austin, TX, USA: Landes Bioscience / Eurekah.