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Year Title
2018 Evidence for preferential flux flow at the grain boundaries of superconducting RF-quality niobiumSuperconductor Science and Technology.
2008 Comparative high field magneto-transport of rare earth oxypnictides with maximum transition temperaturesPhysical Review B. 064511.
2008 Significant reduction of ac losses in YBCO patterned coated conductors with transposed filamentsSuperconductor Science and Technology. 082004.
2008 Superconductivity and antiferromagnetic ordering in the high-field paramagnetic oxypnictide NdFeAsO0.94F0.06Physical Review B. 184501.
2008 Upper critical fields and thermally-activated transport of NdO0.7F0.3FeAs single crystalPhysical Review B. 174523.
2007 Mechanisms for enhanced supercurrent across meandered grain boundaries in high-temperature superconductorsJournal of Applied Physics. 083912.
2007 On the through-thickness critical current density of an YBa2Cu3O7-x film containing a high density of Insiulating, vortex pinning nanoprecipitatesApplied Physics Letters. 252502.
2005 High-field superconductivity in alloyed MgB2 filmsPhysical Review B. 012504.
2004 Scanning laser imaging of dissipation in YBa2Cu3O7 coated conductorsApplied Physics Letters. 2568-2570.
2004 Thermally-activated current transport in MgB2 filmsPhysical Review B. 0645031.
2004 Very high upper critical field in the two-gap superconductor MgB2 produced by selective tuning of impurity scatteringSuperconductor Science and Technology. 278-286.
2002 Flux flow of Abrikosov-Josephson vortices along grain boundaries in high-temperature superconductorsPhysical Review Letters. 097001.
2001 Strongly linked current flow in polycrystalline forms of the new superconductor MgB2Nature. 186-189.
2001 Thin film magnesium boride superconductor with very high critical current density and enhanced irreversibility fieldNature. 558-560.
2000 Improved strong magnetic field performance of low angle grain boundaries of Calcium and Oxygen overdoped YBa2Cu3OxApplied Physics Letters. 3251.
1998 Large enhancement of the critical current due to vortex matching at periodic facet structure in YBa2Cu3O7 bicrystalsPhysical Review B. 10951.
1997 Reconstruction of current flow patterns and imaging of current-limiting defects in superconducting filmsScience. 367.
1996 High current densities in Nb47%Ti multilayers with planar copper flux pinning nanostructureApplied Physics Letters. 1567-1569.
1996 Study of flux penetration across [001] grain boundaries in YBa2Cu3O7 thin film bicrystalsPhysical Review B. 8687.
1995 Suppression of magnetic granularity by current in a Bi1.8Pb0.4Sr2Ca2Cu3O8+x tapeApplied Physics Letters. 2720-2722.
1994 Static and dynamic mechanisms of anomalous field dependence of magnetization in high-Tc superconductorsPhysical Review B. R 16774.
1993 Flux pinning, granularity and the irreversibility line in HgBa2CuO4+xNature. 129-131.