Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2008 An integrated growing-pruning method for feedforward network trainingNeurocomputing. 2831-2847.
2007 Convergent Design of Piecewise Linear Neural NetworksNeurocomputing. 1022-1039.
2006 An Efficient Hidden Layer Training Method for Multilayer PerceptronNeurocomputing. 525-535.
2006 An efficient feature selection algorithm for polyp detection in CAD systemInternational Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools. 893-915.
2006 Feature Selection Using a Piecewise Linear NetworkIEEE Trans. on Neural Network. 1101-1115.
2005 Effects of nonsingular pre-processing on feed-forward network trainingInternational Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence. 217-247.
2005 Prototype Based Classifier Design with PruningInternational Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools. 261-280.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2007 A Piecewise Linear Network Classifier
2004 A Nonlinear Filtering Approach for Demodulation over Rician Flat Fading Channels
2004 Co-channel Interference Suppression with Model Simplification in TDMA Systems
2004 Demodulation for Wireless ATM Network Using Modified SOM Network
2004 Hidden Layer Training via Hessian Matrix Information
2004 Invariance of MLP Training to Input Feature De-correlation
2004 Iterative Improvement of Neural Classifiers
2004 Prototype Based Classifier Design with Pruning
2003 A Semi-blind Demodulator Aided by Protocol for Wireless ATM Network.  2093-2097.
2003 Adaptive Channel Equalization for Satellite Communications with Multipath Based on Unsupervised Learning Algorithm.  730-734.
2002 Evaluation and Improvement of Two Training Algorithms.  1029-1023.