Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2008 Distributed Algorithm for Optimal Sequence and Power Allocation in Uplink Code Division Multiple Access SystemsIET Communications Journal (former IEE Proceedings on Communications). 292-299.
2007 Adaptive Interference Avoidance for Dynamic Wireless Systems: A Game-Theoretic ApproachIEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Signal Processing (Special issue on adaptive waveform design for agile sensing). 189-202.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2007 Adaptive Interference Avoidance for Dynamic Wireless Systems.  150-154.
2007 Feedback Requirements for Greedy Interference Avoidance.  381-384.
2007 Minimum User Powers and Optimal Codewords in Uplink CDMA Systems.  202-206.
2006 Game Theoretic Approach to Joint CDMA Codeword and Power Adaptation.  1362-1366.
2006 Interference Avoidance With Incremental Power Updates for Uplink CDMA Systems.  1842-1847.
2006 Joint Incremental Codeword and Power Adaptation in CDMA Systems