Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2007 Interference Avoidance and Multiaccess Vector ChannelsIEEE Transactions on Communications. 1466-1471.
2007 Simultaneous Water Filling in Mutually Interfering SystemsIEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. 1102-1113.
2005 Codeword Optimization for Uplink CDMA Dispersive ChannelsIEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. 1563-1574.
2004 Greedy SINR Maximization in Collaborative Multi-Base Wireless SystemsEURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking. 201-209.
2004 Maximizing the Determinant for a Special Class of Block-Partitioned MatricesMathematical Problems in Engineering. 49-62.
2004 Sum Capacity and TSC Bounds in Collaborative Multibase Wireless SystemsIEEE Transactions on Information Theory. 2433-2438.
2003 Interference Avoidance and Multiuser MIMO SystemsInternational Journal of Satellite Communications and Networking (Invited paper for special issue on interference suppression techniques for satellite systems). 143-161.


Year Title
2004 Interference Avoidance Methods for Wireless Systems

Conference Papers

Year Title
2005 Greedy Interference Avoidance in Non- Colla-borative Multi-BaseWireless Systems
2005 Interference Avoidance for Capacity Optimization in Mutually Interfering Wireless Systems.  593-597.
2004 Interference Avoidance Versus Iterative Water Filling in Multiaccess Vector Channels.  2058-2062.
2004 Signal Space Partitioning Versus Simultaneous Water Filling for Mutually Interfering Systems.  3128-3132.
2004 Strong Interference and Spectrum Warfare.  83-88.
2003 Interference Avoidance and Power Control for UplinkCDMA Systems.  1473-1477.
2003 Multiuser MIMO Systems and Interference Avoidance.  IV.
2003 Water Filling May Not Good Neighbors Make.  1766-1770.
2002 Codeword Optimization for Asynchronous CDMA Systems Through Interference Avoidance
2002 Interference Avoidance and Multiaccess Vector Channels.  499.
2001 A New Approach to Multiple Antenna Systems.  868-871.
2001 Fading Channels and Interference Avoidance.  1073-1074.
2001 Interference Avoidance Applied to Multiaccess Dispersive Channels.  1200-1204.
2000 Codeword Quantization for Interference Avoidance.  3670-3673.
1999 Emitter Localization in a Multipath Environment Using Extended Kalman Filter.  147-150.