Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2005 Integrated Risk Assessment for Rail Transportation of Dangerous Goods: Decision Support Platform and an SBB Case StudyReliability Engineering and System Safety.
2005 On the vulnerability of critical infrastructures: ‚ÄĚseeing it comingIJCI. 216-247.
2005 Reading vulnerability in phase portraits: an exercise in probabilistic resilience assessmentInt. J. Critical Infrastructures. 312-329.
2005 Risks in Business Design: The DashboardInternational Journal Critical Infrastructures.
2004 Complexity Induced VulnerabilityInternational Journal Critical Infrastructures.
2004 Decision Support Systems for Risk Mapping: Viewing the Risk from the Hazard PerspectiveJournal of Hazardous Material, Elsevier.
2004 Towards QVA - Quantitative Vulnerability Assessment: A Generic Practical ModelJournal Risk Research.
1998 Source Term Estimation Based on Plant StatusPSAM 4, New York.
1997 Source Term estimation Based on Plant Status. The Containment Module Technical SpecificationIPSN.
1996 Development of a DSS to Assist Nuclear Authorities in the Early Phase Emergency Management in a Potential NPP AccidentInternational Emergency Management and Engineering Conference.
1996 Heuristic approach to particle flow in complex terrainInt. J. Environment and Pollution.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2008 A cellular automaton approach to air flow dispersion in urban areas.  369-383.
2005 Comprehensive risk assessment for rail transportation of dangerous goods: a validated platform for decision support.  247-272.
2005 Critical Infrastructures Protection: From [(Systems) Engineering] to {(System of Systems) Engineering}. Use of Cellular Automata Modeling
2005 Daily Regional Vulnerability of Infrastructures to Obnoxious Agents How vulnerable are you today
2005 GIS: Pixels, Analytic Models Cellular Automata: A New Kind of Modeling
2005 GIS: Pixels, Analytic Models Cellular Automata: Innovation in Science and Policy for Risk and Vulnerability Assessment of Critical Infrastructures
2005 Pixel as a Source of Input; Pixel as a Support of Output
2005 Quantitative Vulnerability Assessment for Critical Infrastructures: Bridging Risk Management to Safety
2005 Quantitative Vulnerability Assessment of Critical Infrastructures: Watching for Hidden Faults
2005 Towards a Standard Model of Societal Vulnerability to Natural Disasters. The Katrina Paradigm
1999 Integrated Decision Support Systems (IDSS) for Emergency Preparedness and Management