Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2014 Appalachian and pacific crest trail hikers: A comparison of benefits and motivationsJournal of Unconventional Parks, Tourism, & Recreation Research. 9-16.
2010 A benefits-based study of appalachian trail users: Validation and application of the benefits of hiking scalePhysical Health Education Nex (us)/ (phén) ix Éducation Physique et à la Santé Journal. 22.
2010 Appalachian Trail Hiking Motivations and Means-end Theory: Theory, Management, and PracticeJournal of Outdoor Recreation, Education and Leadership. 261-285.
2009 Motivations for Hiking the Appalachian Trail: using a means-end approachJournal of Unconventional Parks, Tourism, & Recreation Research. 19-27.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2010 Comparison of Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail Hikers: Motivations and Benefits.  52-54.
2008 Why individuals hike the Appalachian Trail: A qualitative approach to benefits.  277-281.