Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2001 A Methodology for Analysis of Complex Sociotechnical ProcessesBusiness Process Management Journal. 33-50.
2000 A market attraction model for predicting the US market share of large civil aircraftJournal of Air Transport Management. 3-11.
2000 Analyzing Complex Processes with a Sociotechnical Systems ToolResearch Technology Management. 8-12.
2000 Team Based Methodology For Sociotechnical Analysis Of Complex ProcessesEngineering Management Journal.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2001 Advanced Sociotechnical Systems Theory
1998 Assumptions Necessary for Project Based Initiatives.  223-229.
1998 Sociotechnical Systems Approach for Process Analysis.  33-38.
1997 Process Analysis of Cryomodule Production.  31-35.