Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2001 The $1s21s2p (1P)$ excitation energy for helium atoms in liquid helium, solid helium and helium bubbles in metals!!!Philosophical Magazine B. 91.
1999 Grazing angle (e, 2e) calculations for surface adsorbatesLe Journal de Physique IV. 165-169.
1999 Limitations of the dipole approximation in calculations for the scanning transmission electron microscopeUltramicroscopy. 183.


Year Title
1999 On the use of the (e, 2e) technique as a surface probeNew Directions in Atomic Physics. Springer US.
1999 Some Remarks on the Scattering of Electrons from a Metallic SurfaceNew Directions in Atomic Physics. Springer US.