Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
1982 Electrical and Structural Properties of p-n Junctions in CW Laser Annealed SiliconJ. Appl. Phys.. 5904.
1982 Picosecond Laser Pulse Irradiation of Crystalline SiliconAppl. Phys. Lett.. 729.
1982 SIMS Investigation of p-n Junction Quality in Ion Implanted CW Laser Annealed SiliconSecondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy SIMS III, Springer Series in Chemical Physics. 336.
1981 Slip Dislocation Formation During CW Laser Annealing of SiliconAppl. Phys. Lett.. 95.
1980 Laser Annealing of Silicon: Strain and Perfection of Epitaxially Reconstructed SurfacesJ. Phys. Soc. Japan. 1291.

Conference Papers

Year Title
1986 Twin Stabilized Planar Growth of SOI Films.  65.
1985 High Voltage Electron Microscopy Investigation of Subgrain Boundaries in Recrystallized Silicon-on-Insulator Structures.  593.
1985 Low Angle Grain Boundaries in Zone-Melting Grown Silicon.  89.
1984 Dielectric Isolation Using Porous Silicon.  63.
1983 Defect Structure of Epitaxial Films Grown on Porous Silicon.  223.
1982 Defect Formation in CO2 Laser Annealed Silicon.  355.
1982 Picosecond Laser Pulse Induced Damage in Crystalline Silicon.  337.
1982 Structural Modifications of Amorphized Silicon Surfaces following Picosecond Laser Irradiation.  177.
1981 Correlation between EBIC Contrast and Residual Defects in Slip-Free CW Laser Annealed Silicon.  127.
1981 Dislocation Nucleation, Growth and Suppression during CW Laser Annealing of Silicon.  193.
1981 Picosecond Laser Annealing of Silicon.  85.
1980 Rapid Quenching of Defects and Crystal Regrowth During Millisecond and Picosecond Laser Annealing of Silicon.  Chap. 10 p. 509.