Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2005 Secure multicast for mobile commerce applications: Issues and challengesTeAM YYePG. 164.
2001 Multilevel secure transaction processingJournal of Computer Security. 165-195.
1998 A Two-tier coarse indexing scheme for MLS database systemsDatabase Security. 199-218.
1996 Multilevel Secure Transaction Processing: Status and Prospects.DBSec. 79-98.
1994 A view-based dynamic replication control algorithmNord. J. Comput.. 214-230.
1993 Measuring the effect of commutative transactions on distributed database performanceInformation sciences. 91-111.
1991 A note on estimating the cardinality of the projection of a database relationACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS). 564-566.


Year Title
2002 A novel approach to certificate revocation managementDatabase and Application Security XV. Springer.
2000 Integrating data mining techniques with intrusion detection methodsResearch Advances in Database and Information systems security. Springer.

Conference Papers

Year Title
1993 A Performance Comparison of two Decomposition Techniques for Multilevel Secure Database Systems..  199-214.
1991 Effects of SeaView decomposition of multilevel relations on database performance.  203-225.