Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2004 Research Issues in Developing Compact Pulsed Power for High Peak Power Applications on Mobile PlatformsProceedings of the Ieee. 1144-1165.
1991 The Lock-On Effect in Electron-Beam Controlled GaAs SwitchesIEEE Trans. Electron Devices. 701.
1990 Influence of Copper Doping on the Performance of Optically Controlled GaAs SwitchesJ. Appl. Phys.. 1124.
1990 Infrared Quenching of Conductivity at High Electric Fields in Bulk, Copper-Compensated, Optically-Activated GaAs SwitchIEEE Trans. Electron Devices. 2499.
1990 Photoquenching and Characterization Studies in a Bulk Optically Controlled Semiconductor SwitchProc. SPIE's OE/Boston '90. 259.
1990 The Recovery Behavior of Semi-insulating GaAs in Electron-Beam Controlled SwitchesIEEE Trans. Electron Devices. 2472.
1989 Electron-Beam Controlled High Power Semiconductor SwitchesIEEE Trans. on Electron Devices. 1793.
1989 GaAs-Photoconductive Closing Switches with High Dark Resistance and Microsecond Conductivity DecayApplied Physics Letters. 742.
1989 Nanosecond Optical Quenching of of Photoconductivity in a Bulk GaAs SwitchAppl. Phys. Lett.. 2102.
1988 An Optically Controlled Closing and Opening SwitchJournal of Applied Physics. 2460.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2004 Recovery of High Power Switches.  39.
2004 Transient Interferometric Measurements of Electric Field and Temperature Distributions in Pulse Discharged Water Gaps.  142.
2002 Electrical and Optical Characteristics of Water Under High Electric Stress.  467-470.
1993 Fabrication and Photoconductive Switching Performance of High Gain Si Doped Cu Compensated GaAs.  103.
1992 Optically Activated Opening of Copper-Doped Gallium Arsenide Switches
1991 An Optically Activated Semiconductor Opening Switch.  29.
1991 Deep Level Parameter Studies and Their Significance for Optically Controlled Solid State Switches.  1032.
1991 Simulation Studies of Bulk GaAs Switch Photoconductivity Using a Picosecond Laser Pulse.  771.
1991 Switching Properties of Electron-Beam Controlled GaAs Pin Diodes.  102.
1990 Photoquenching and Characterization Studies in a Bulk Optically Controlled GaAs Semiconductor Switch.  259.
1990 The Deep-Level Configuration of GaAs:Si:Cu - A Material For A New Type of Optoelectronic Switch.  428.
1990 The Lock-On Effect in Electron-Beam Controlled Gallium Arsenide Switches.  334.
1989 A Band Edge Radiation Generator for Pulsed Power.  857.
1989 A Laser Controlled Semiconductor Switch.  135.
1989 A Novel Optoelectronic Closing and Opening Switch for Pulsed Power.  1079.
1989 Investigation of a Photoconductive Closing and Opening Bulk GaAs Semiconductor Switch.  418.
1989 Optimization Studies of Materials for Optically Controlled Semiconductor Switches.  861.
1989 The Electrical Characteristics of Semi-Insulating GaAs for High Power Switches.  348.
1988 E-Beam Controlled Semiconductor Switch.  D2.
1988 Electron-Beam Controlled Semiconductor Switches.  133.
1988 Laser Controlled Semiconductor Closing and Opening Switch
1988 Optical Switching via Deep Levels.  B3.
1988 Optical and Electron-Beam Control of Semiconductor Switches.  318.
1988 Subnanosecond Photoelectron Beam Closing Switches.  D3.
1987 An Optically Controlled Semiconductor Closing and Opening Switch.  275.
1987 Concepts for Electron-Beam and Optical Control of Bulk Semiconductor Switches.  85.
1987 Concepts for Optical and Electron Beam Control of Bulk Semiconductor Switches