Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2008 The Plasma Pencil: A Source of Hypersonic Cold Plasma Bullets for Biomedical ApplicationsIEEE Trans. Plasma Sci.. 1298-1299.
2008 The Plasma Pencil: A source of hypersonice cold plasma bullets forbiomedical applicationsIEEE Transact Plasma Sci.. 1298-1299.
2006 Dynamics of an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Plume Generated by Submicrosecond Voltage PulsesJ. Appl. Phys..
2006 Inactivation of bacteria by the Plasma PencilPlasma Proc. Polym.. 470-473.
2006 Temporal and Spatial Emission Behavior of Homogeneous Dielectric Barrier Discharge Driven by Unipolar Sub-microsecond Square PulsesJ. Phys. D: Appl. Phys.. 1127-1131.
2005 Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge in Air Using a Water ElectrodeIEEE Trans. Plasma Sci.. 272-273.
2005 Optimization of ultraviolet emission and chemical species generation from a pulsed dielectric barrier discharge at atmospheric pressureJ. Appl. Phys..
2005 Room Temperature Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Plume for Biomedical ApplicationsApplied Physics Letters.
2004 Power Consideration in the Pulsed DBD at Atmospheric PressureJ. Applied Phys.. 3028-3030.
2003 A Non-equilibrium Diffuse Discharge in Atmospheric Pressure AirPlasma Sources Sci. Technol.. 53-56.
2003 Iginition Phase and Steady-State Structures of a Non-Thermal Air PlasmaJ. Phys. D: Appl. Phys.. 651-665.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2007 Experimental Investigations of a Plasma Bullet Generated by Nanoseconds Voltage Pulses
2006 Homogeneous Dielectric Barrier Discharge Driven by Unipolar Sub-microsecond Square Pulses
2005 Experimental Studies on a sub.microsecond Pulsed Dieletric barrier Discharge at Atmospheric Pressure
2004 Experimental Studies of a Non-Equilibrium Air Plasma at Atmospheric Pressure
2004 Transient Interferometric Measurements of Electric Field and Temperature Distributions in Pulse Discharged Water Gaps.  142.
2003 Temporal Emisssion Behavior of Pulsed Discharges in Water.  957-959.
2002 Generation of an Atmospheric Pressure Non-Equilibrium Diffuse Discharge in Air by Means of a Water Electrode.  556-558.