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  • Dynamic control of particle separation in deterministic lateral displacement separator with viscoelastic fluids 2018
  • Excitation and injury of adult ventricular cardiomyocytes by nano- to millisecond electric shocks 2018
  • Damage-free peripheral nerve stimulation by 12-ns pulsed electric field. 2017
  • Deglacial Tropical Atlantic subsurface warming links ocean circulation variability to the West African Monsoon 2017
  • Delayed hypersensitivity to nanosecond pulsed electric field in electroporated cells. 2017
  • Human rickettsial pathogen modulates arthropod organic anion transporting polypeptide and tryptophan pathway for its survival in ticks 2017
  • Mammary extracellular matrix directs differentiation of testicular and embryonic stem cells to form functional mammary glands in vivo. 2017
  • Quantitative limits on small molecule transport via the electropermeome - measuring and modeling single nanosecond perturbations 2017
  • A highly sensitive underwater video system for use in turbid aquaculture ponds 2016
  • Benthic fluxes of dissolved organic carbon from gas hydrate sediments in the northern South China Sea 2016
  • Dragon kings of the deep sea: marine particles deviate markedly from the common number-size spectrum 2016
  • Electrosensitization assists cell ablation by nanosecond pulsed electric field in 3D cultures. 2016
  • Erratum: Corrigendum: Using rare earth elements to constrain particulate organic carbon flux in the East China Sea 2016
  • The cytotoxic synergy of nanosecond electric pulses and low temperature leads to apoptosis. 2016
  • Electroporation of mammalian cells by nanosecond electric field oscillations and its inhibition by the electric field reversal. 2015
  • Mass loss and chemical structures of wheat and maize straws in response to ultraviolet-B radiation and soil contact 2015
  • Plant species rather than climate greatly alters the temporal pattern of litter chemical composition during long-term decomposition 2015