Old Dominion University Teacher Immersion Residency



  • High teacher quality has a great impact on student educational outcomes, and yet, across the nation, high-need schools have difficulty keeping teachers in-service long enough to develop advanced skills. The attrition rate for urban educators is 40-50% during the first five years (Quartz et al., 2004). In addition, many schools lack educators qualified to teach in necessary content areas. Hampton Roads, Virginia suffers from these widespread American problems. Thus, the ODU-TIR will seek to increase teacher retention and student achievement in high-need secondary schools in the region. The program will build on successful teacher residency models that recruit candidates with undergraduate degrees in high-need content fields, immerse them in an induction program housed in an urban school, provide them mentoring and instruction founded on research, and continue to offer professional development during the early years of their careers. But the ODU-TIR will go even further. Not only will it integrate a residency with professional studies, it will also offer 18 graduate-level hours of content coursework, including a state-of-the-art Immersion Internship. These extra credits will qualify ODU-TIR graduates to teach dual enrollment courses, an identified need of local districts. Because the Internships will take place in superlative local settings, such as the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, ODU-TIR will engage the community in a broad-based partnership dedicated to improving the outcomes of our high-need students through an innovative program that is extremely demanding, but also completely appropriate, given the challenges at hand. The prospect of implementing this ambitious project has energized ODU and its many partners.
  • Date/time Interval

  • 2009 - 2014
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  • $6,054,007.00
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