LUCY II: Librarianship Upgrades for Children and Youth Services



  • It is vital in today’s world for all librarians, including children and young adult librarians, to work effectively with multicultural populations and with multicultural issues. It is also important for children’s and young adult librarians to have access to quality continuing education opportunities. Research adds to existing knowledge, and youth librarians who understand and apply research results can improve their ability to meet the needs of their patrons. At this time in Virginia, existing venues cannot meet the continuing education needs of youth librarians across the state. ODU proposes to establish a multicultural continuing education center, called Librarianship Upgrades for Children and Youth Services (LUCY) that will use a variety of formats and delivery methods to provide programs and classes across the state. Statewide surveys of practitioners and supervisors will provide input to LUCY personnel to identify topics of interest, such new multicultural materials and increasing understanding of the Mexican culture. A variety of delivery methods, ranging from Teletechnet to on-line to face-to-face, will ensure librarians in even the most remote parts of Virginia have the opportunity to participate in activities. An advisory board, consisting of public librarians, school librarians, school library supervisors, and Library of Virginia personnel, will provide input to help ensure LUCY stays relevant to practitioners. The professional expertise available at ODU, the willing cooperation of local experts and practitioners, the Southeastern Virginia Materials Examination Center, and the established resources of Distance Learning at ODU will support and enhance LUCY. A strong research component will be incorporated throughout LUCY activities to identify continuing education needs, the best match between content and delivery methods, and the success or failure of various programs. This research, which will be disseminated to both scholars and practitioners, will inform continuing education practice throughout the profession. Materials prepared for LUCY activities and research results will be freely available on the LUCY web site. LUCY activities will generate a stream of publications and presentations for both scholars and practitioners. Funds from IMLS will be used to hire a director for LUCY, support one master’s and one doctoral level graduate assistant, and for initial start-up. Within three years, LUCY will generate enough income from program fees and contracts with public libraries and school districts to be self supporting.
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  • 2009 - 2011
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