Making scholarship and faculty expertise more discoverable than ever at ODU

Scholars@ODU curates and visualizes scholarship, teaching, expertise and other professional activities by ODU faculty and makes the information easily searchable. This scholarship and expertise discovery tool is available to anyone looking to connect with ODU instructors and scholars. Experts can be found by searching or by browsing through co-author and co-investigator networks which link scholars and their output across disciplines at the University.

The information displayed in ODU Scholars profiles is pulled from authoritative source systems and is customizable by the profile’s owner or proxy designee. Publications, grants, and other research-related data are stored in the Faculty Activity System (FAS). Contact and position information is pulled from Banner and managed in Monarch Profile Manager (MPM). Click here to customize your MPM data. For more information on how to designate a proxy or manage your data in FAS, click here.

Scholars@ODU is part of a joint-implementation of VIVO by the Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA). VIVO was developed at Cornell University and is an open source member-supported software platform for representing scholarship online.